Social Media Marketing

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The fact is that our websites reside in the social space of web – and all the rules of civics applies to our website too. It is imperative that our website is perceived as a contributor of some value for the web citizens. Social media marketing is umbrella term for all activities which enhance the popularity and interaction of your site with other sites and within the various social networks in the web space.

Social media can relates to any any type of media which is user generated and it is consumed and distributed by the users in turn. Some popular social media tools are - RSS feeds, Bookmarking, Blogging, Video sharing, Photo sharing, article contribution, press release etc..

What do we get out of Social Media Platforms?

Social Media platforms like FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn provides your business with a launching pad to start a conversation within the potential customers. Thus, the key to SMM is the conversation which is initiated within the members of the social network – These self sustaining conversations become a catalyst for viral marketing.

The pundits of web strategy have coined another term for websites which are highly optimized from a social
angle – Social media Optimization (SMO). Well, SMO is the process behind a good Social media marketing
strategy. This can include anything -

  • Bookmarking of the most compelling contents of your website
  • Extremely interesting viral videos for YouTube and other Video sharing sites
  • Submitting eye-catching slides on Slide Share

What we Offer..

JTo understands the changing nature of Web and its guidelines of acceptable content. We know that every product or service is unique and it takes completely unique approach for marketing it on the social networks. We help you by..

  • creating viral content for different social networks – Youtube, Flickr, Article Submission sites, Slide Share etc.
  • Building custom applications and widgets for Facebook, MySpace etc.
  • RSS marketing and widget marketing


What is Social Media?

Social Media is your business being socially active with your customer base using a web 2.0 interface such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and blogging platforms. It allows you to tell your customers about your business, future plans and buying specials. You become one with your customers and in return your customers will buy your products or services. You also build your company’s reputation as a leader in the field. People will grow to love you and trust you.

People. It is all about People!
and then you profit

The Problem

Many companies spend a pretty penny on advertising. They send out mailings and have commercials on TV and radio. These ways of advertising can work wonders but also at times, fail. Advertising can be very expensive!

Besides marketing being expensive, there is never a follow up on your customers (besides annoying phone calls). There is no way to stay socially connected until now!

Examples of the Problem

Example 1

A chiropractic company has well over 2500 patients which includes past clients. Their only way of staying connected was through snail mail and some advertising in their local paper. Every quarter they sent out mailings to their current customers which costs almost $1000. During each of these quarters, they also spent a few $100 on their media advertising. Their total return on investment was very small. They wanted a better way to stay connected and increase their patients and profits .

Example 2

A local restaurant, which is very successful and has a good customer base, sends out coupons to the local area on a weekly basis. This has been successful for getting customers, but their profit margin has not been high enough. They also wanted a better way to market their company and possibly save some trees since they care about the environment.

Example 3

A large restaurant chain always has new food and drink items on their menus and daily specials for lunch and dinner. They wanted to get their messages out to people so they can get more customers to visit. Weekly snail mail is expensive and people do not visit their website everyday to see these specials (until now! They actually get specials right when they walk into the door!)

Example 4

A small franchised meat company is well known in their communities. They currently do traditional marketing methods and are very successful. The company also does a lot of fund raising for groups in their communities. They wanted to help the people they fund raise for as well as increase their profits in a cheaper and more reliable way.

The Social Media Solution

We do not say get rid of these traditional marketing methods because these methods still hold value. We do say to start staying connected with your customers and future customers in a fun and exciting way. What we have to offer is a less expensive and better way.

This way is social media. There are many, many,(did I say many?) ways to be connected with social media but we have found the best and most trusted ways are through Facebook and Twitter. The two social media sites can be your driving force to increase your customer base, your company’s name and also keep your current customers happy.

What can a Social Media Management Company do for My Business?

A social media management company can help your company build its online and offline reputation, increase and maintain your customer base and most importantly, increase your profits. They can also help your brand get connected with blogs, social bookmarking such as Digg and even video sites. Being social is the game!

Who is Social Media Management For?

Social media is for almost every business. There are music bands, orchestra halls, dentist practices, small and large restaurants, small mom and pop shops as well as large companies such as Target and Wal-Mart. Social media can also be for product launches, new medical devices and health news. For most businesses and some unique ideas, we can make social media work for you. We will be honest with you if we cannot.

Let us be your Social Media Manager

We do the social of the social.Our social media management company will help you with the online presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and if you desire, email marketing (in the near future text messaging). These are the most popular ways of businesses getting the positive attention of their customers on a daily basis while building a relationship.

What Social Media Management will Do for You

Social Media Consulting

When you pay for our service we will first consult with you. We need to know EVERYTHING about your company, your goals and what exactly you want with social media. We listen and learn. We will then give our plan to make your company grow as well as how you can help with it. We have a few tricks up our sleeve for your company to grow.

Each month we will also talk about how our service is treating you. We want to know what your company will be doing for the next month and in the future months. Our services will change for your plans to benefit your customers! We will also give you some ideas to help your business grow.

Facebook Social Media Management & Marketing

As your Facebook Manager, we will strive to keep your Facebook up to date on your company as well as what we talk about in our consultation.

We can…

  • Setup your Facebook Business Page (including photos, videos, articles and more). 2 Free graphics!!!
  • Write 1 to 4 Facebook posts a day, 7 days a week. More than this looks like spam.
  • Links to your website
  • Encourage current members to get others to be fans. We can help you make enticing contests.
  • Possible replies to your customers.
  • Facebook Business Page ad creation and implementation for Facebook Marketing (You will see possible growth of never seen before customers)
  • Possible monthly detailed reports

Overall, it is Facebook management and Facebook Marketing at its best

Twitter Social Media Management & Marketing

As your Twitter social media manager we will tweet your business to the next level.

We can…

  • Consult to develop the Twitter master plan
  • Start a Twitter account including a background design
  • Follow people in your customer base (some will in turn follow you back)
  • Twitter Marketing (Get your customers to buy!)
  • Tweet messages up to 7 days a week.
  • Website linking
  • Weekly reports

We will be the best Twitter management and Twitter marketing you can ask for.

Linkedin Social Media Management and Marketing

Linkedin is full of professionals looking to not only network, but to do business with like minded individuals and companies. Developing a Linkedin group, profile and business page will help you become an expert in your field and will connect with people in your business. We will market and make connections so you do not have to. As your Linkedin social media manager and marketer we can

  • Create a personal profile and a company profile (your picture and logo)
  • Create a group
  • Make 1 to 3 daily posts on your profile.
  • Make updates to your Business Profile
  • Start discussions in groups
  • Market business page via Linkedin ads (extra costs for advertising)
  • Anything else you and your company desire

We strive to be the best Linkedin management and Linkedin marketing company by making you happy.

Email Marketing Management, Yelp, Foursquare, YouTube and our Other Service

Email is not social media so you may ask why is this company sending out emails? We can do this for you because it is another way to stay connect with your customers. Social media and email marketing is a killer combination. We do request (require if you do not have an email list) that you do sign up for our favorite email marketing solution in constant contact because of the reporting features. You can also opt out of this service.

Our studies show that not all people are into social media so email is the next best thing. You are still staying connected with your consumers.

We can…

  • Consult to develop the master plan
  • Develop one email per week (more around special occasions)
  • Send out the email to your mailing list
  • Consult on how you can increase your mailing list

We are now offering Yelp, Foursquare, YouTube and even more types of social media services to keep up with the growing demand of our customers. Inquire within.

Price & Billing

Please see our social media management packages for pricing and options. We are not a one size fits all company. We know each company is unique so everyone needs something different but we will provide you an estimate to help you get thinking of what we can do for you. The starting price for these services starts around$400 per month depending upon your needs. We do need to charge more for larger businesses as it does require more time being social with your fans and followers and reading their messages.

An invoice will be given to you via email to be paid through PayPal or email if paying by check. PayPal will be an automatic monthly payment and you can cancel any time.

Let Us Start Your Social Media Campaign Today!

You will get added benefits of an increase in search rankings and be known as an expert in your field. You will have both past and potential customer ready to buy when we push the button of creative social media marketing solutions. We promise to be the best social media management company you could have ever asked for. Feel free to call or email us with questions. Please also like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. We are ready to make you social!

Social Media Services Management Price
for Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin

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