Online Content Management

"Under Construction" and "Page Not Found" displays are annoying, and devastating to businesses in terms of consumer interest.

JTO can provide your company with both the website design you need and the means to change it yourself. Our web design artists can effectively train you to update some simple content in areas, and create a website design that is protected so the general layout of your site stays intact.

However, many companies do not possess the skills or the time necessary to update their website design and make website maintenance changes as necessary while keeping the web site working properly in a respected layout. JTO can support your website needs with a customized website maintenance contract based on your budget. We can designate a set amount of hours each month or request changes on a per-time basis.

Our Content Management System (CMS) is totally different from the others as we have content writer with expertise and command on the promotion related keywords. This is the part of our web design software that lets you make updates to the content of your website 24/7. Our CMS is very easy to operate and convenient for the writing purposes. Our content writers using the Microsoft Word through which it makes writing easier and free of the errors

This can be characterized as:

  • Simple pages for normal presentation.
  • Complex pages, with specific layout and presentation.
  • Dynamic information sourced from databases and will change on regular time intervals.
  • Training material
  • Online manual.
  • General business documents.
  • Thousands of pages in total for different categories of customers.
  • Extensive linking between pages.